Intellivision Amico, Evercade, Piepacker, Atari VCS, and more!! Good Times Newsline Ep. 3 04/20/2021

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It’s a stacked Retro News week! Let’s get into it on The Good Times Newsline!!!

*** Recorded on 04/20/2021 ***

Our top stories include the new goings on at Intellivision Entertainment, and new people entering the team in the Intellivision Amico News Roundup! It’s all about the Evercade VS in the Evercade Corner! We take a look at what the PiePacker is all about, and update everyone on Into The Eternal! After all that we talk about some cool upcoming games on the Atari VCS, and one that is available right now!!

The show is jam packed with retro goodness, so we hope you enjoy! Thanks as always for watching, and we’ll see you in the comments!

Show Links:

Intellivison Reddit Announcement:

Evercade VS Link:

OEB Pete Vid on the VS:

BIC Live Stream for Into the Eternal:

Into The Eternal Indiegogo Link:

PiePacker Website:

Pie Packer KickStarter:

Unsung Warriors (VCS) KickStarter:

Jetboard Joust Website:

OEB Pete YouTube Channel:

The Atari Creep YouTube Channel:

The Atari Creep’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s Campaign 2021:;jsessionid=00000000.app234a?px=12356861&fr_id=14513&pg=personal&NONCE_TOKEN=869FC8A3374C67D4BD38F4D10A90E485

Retro KillDashNine YouTube Channel:

The Original Next Level Gaming YouTube Channel:

00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:23 – Intellivision Amico News Roundup
00:03:42 – Evercade Corner
00:05:55 – Into The Eternal Updates
00:08:50 – PiePacker News and Intro
00:14:20 – Atari VCS Game News and Intro
00:20:20 – Wrap Up and Channel Shout Outs

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3 thoughts on “Intellivision Amico, Evercade, Piepacker, Atari VCS, and more!! Good Times Newsline Ep. 3 04/20/2021”

  1. Thanks so much for the support and shout out! I loved it at the end when you dropped the paper. I am really looking forward to Friday! Hopefully we can work out a time that we can all join and go live to talk about the announcement.

  2. I do think there is going to be more atari vcs games things just take time i know it's not easy for most to be patient by being impatient that it can be hard i don't mind that it only have a little bit of games i'm ok with it i just think good things happen when we are patient i don't mind waiting for a long time that's just me i'm not going to rush atari to get more games right away don't worry atari did say they are listening to feedback of opinions to make improvements and i know that atari just announced jetborard joust indie game coming to atari vcs


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