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Jetboard Joust reminds a bit about Choplifter. The Controls feel similar, like that you can’t just press forward to fly forward. You also have to press up from time to time, the some height again. You also have to rescue people, but NOT by blowing up some kind of prison and land, so that they can enter your vehicle. The people are about to get abducted, and transformed into fuel or energy. So the enemies that fly around grab these people on the ground and fly upwards to the sky. Once they reached the maximum point, they transform into a stronger version then they where before.

The Game is pretty arcade like, but also in a progression way. So you start a run on the easiest difficulty, defeat the enemies and guardien (boss), then you can enter a vault, where you can collect two random weapons. When you exit the level, you can spend the money that you collect from defeated enemies, to level up your weapons or your character.

You can then switch between your regular weapon with unlimited ammo and one special weapon, that you’re currently wearing. The Special Weapon got a limited pool of ammo, but also does quite your damage than you standard weapon. A bit later i found out, that you also got a charge attack, where you character flies in a straight line and damaged everything in the way. This also has some ammo, that only allows you to do this move only in certain times.

This way you’re progressing forward until you die. If you die, you can spend an every so increasing amount of your money to revive, or to restart.

So yeah, this is one of these games, that you can pick up at any time, play for a bit and put it aside. No story to remember, no skill that you need to practice over and over. Just a little knowledge, that comes back, when you play the game again.

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