[VOD] a satisfying game (Jetboard Joust Full Playthrough)

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An intense but generous game.
I thought it reminds me of Fantasy Zone but every single person says it reminds them of Defender. I don’t even know what game it is. I can say after playing this game, that it’s not similar to Fantasy Zone at least.

I like it. I just hope the developer added a windowed mode earlier.

I think the game is too intense for me to try streaming as I play. I felt my speaking ability deteriorating in real time.

This was streamed on Twitch. I can’t save vods there, so I am uploading a local recording of it to here instead. Background music are stripped out to make everyone happy.

If I ever get to stream again, https://twitch.tv/Nelle689 would be the place it will happen. No, you can’t click the link. This YouTube account is still fresh.

0:00:00 Stream Start
0:17:26 Gameplay Start


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